What Do You Get:

Bee's Biz
We want you to live your dreams! If you are successful, our beautiful towns will thrive! The Umdoni area has awesome people, with amazing talent, and has plenty to offer everyone, far and near. What better way is there for us to showcase You and what you do for us? Everyone wants something, we all have something, lets exchange something for something.
A glossy U-fold Brochure, gives you a business sized advertisement, web presence and social media that is valid for a year, Branding and feature article are optional as well as re-advertising annually in our Glossy Folder. Advert sizes and positioning are according to your pocket. We publish, prior to the season, it may not necessarily be for this season, but for the year and future seasons.
Our ultimate aim is to create a network for locals, supporting and promoting each other, so value stays in the area, and tourists invest in our community. Weather affects us, the beaches, shopping and entertainment. You are the rainbow, the silver lining to every cloud! No matter how tough conditions may seem, this is an ideal place, we have to Share and invest in each other in order to succeed!
Your locals are your bread and butter so look after them! Tourists are the jam, so make them plan their future holiday's around you. With the current international economy what it is, we can actually thrive. You know what you can do, what needs to be done! Charity begins at home, how big do you want home to be?

Services: How successful do you want to be? Need help getting there? We offer, branding, networking, advertising, printing, web sites, web presence, social media, and management. We look forward to transforming your dreams.

Projects: All projects are community orientated, there are new ones on the go all the time. Please contact us so that we can create a unique market for your growing dreams. There are lots of surprises and things happening this year for the locals, and the tourist industry.

About Us: We are a hard-working, community orientated, Marketing Company. We are based on the South Coast of KZN. We offer out clients the "full package" - Bee's Biz is Unique. It is an effective and efficient concept of local advertising. Bee believes "Tourism is one of the Worlds fastest growing industries in South Africa. Tourism is what keeps Coastal Towns like ours "Alive". Advertising is not just for you, but your Community as well. We need to entice national and international visitors to our area, the more your product is seen, the more likely you are to be visited!"



Welcome to Umdoni! A MAGICAL stretch of the South Coast. Below the water lies some of the most beautiful dive sites in the World! Above the water you can watch the Whales and Dolphins play, fish or surf at some of our Awesome Beaches. We boast top rated Golf Courses, Birding and Nature Reserves. We have Great Restaurants, wedding venues, and lots of activities for children of all ages! WELCOME TO THE SOUTH COAST.

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